long history Concierge Services

long and colorful history concierge services. The concierge is usually used in a building, hotel, or other reputable business in order to cater to the needs of accessibility for guests, tenants and patrons. The term evolved from the French word “keeper of the candle.” It was the responsibility of the passenger to personally tend to each visitor left a few of the more famous aristocratic castles of that era. In the Middle Ages, these attendants nominated to high government officials, personally appointed by the ruling king. Their task was to maintain order in the court and oversees the police and prisoner records. Today, however, this work describes a person whose goal is to solve special service requests and desires of patrons of an establishment.
The American version of the industry launched major metropolitan centers sizable hotel is located. There is usually a special niche in the hotel in a table that is a visible sign said, Concierge and Concierge Services. If you need some special things or services, such as tickets to a game or a rental car you can talk to the attendant at the counter and tell them what they needed. They will make sure that the application is taken care of, and he was satisfied with the service. This is just one way to get the big hotels were distinguished by the quality and number of services that could compete.
The companies offering this type of service has been significantly expanded. Today they can be found in hospitals. The participating hospitals services similar to five-star hotels. The only significant difference is that the hospital staff to serve and to patients. Many hospital staff justify the requests, pointing out that this would help workers who are long shifts, and a more balanced work of the staff.
In another shift in the industry occurred recently in the market for small or even national companies are starting to implement this in it. It recruits to work as personal assistants, personalized concierge service executives and other senior professionals. There is a growing need personal attendants of the highly paid executives do not seem to be enough time in the day busy to take care of minute personal or social functions. The number of people who support this kind of life has gotten so big that there are more people working freelance concierge.

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